Monday, July 20, 2009

Insult to Injury for Mets Fans: Mets Reject Jays' Offer For Halladay

As if this 2009 season wasn't bad enough...I nearly jumped through the screen when I saw that John Heyman reported that the Mets rejected the Jay's offer for Roy Halladay. I can't even believe Halladay was a possiblity for the Mets let alone, they turned down a proposal for him. According to Heyman's report, which apparently was not denied by Omar Minaya, the Blue Jays asked for Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese and SS Ruben Tejada. If I'm Minaya, I'm like, where do I sign? I can't beleive we have the chance to get the best right hander in the sport and we're just gonna pass on him. For what? So he can go to the Phillies? Somehow, some way, Minaya and the Mets need to get back on the phone and make this happen. I don't care what it takes, just get it done.

Having Santana and Halladay at the front of the rotation might possibly be the greatest 1-2 punch in the history of the game, let alone in 2009/2010. And listen, I'm not thinking this move would get us back in the race this year, but I no doubt would be dreaming about the 2010 season like tonight if they pulled this off. The Mets could tank the rest of the games this year for all I care, I'd still be fired up knowing we have Halladay going into next season.

I never actually thought the Mets would even be at the table so I never really considered Halladay as a real option. I know Dave has been pulling for a deal and rightfully so, I just can't believe Minaya said 'no.'

Look, with Santana and Halladay pitching 40% of the Mets' games next season, we can realistically have a chance at winning 33% of our games with just two guys. Think about that! Plus, if we ever find a way to get back to the post season, and how could they not get in (I know, they are the Mets), think about those two guys in a short series? It would be ridiculous. We all know pitching wins games. Go get him! What are we really giving up anyway? Prospects? Come on, the fact is, this organization produces just about 2 good ball players a generation. I want to win a championship and I want to win now (or next year). Guys like Halladay don't come around often, and when he's made available to you, you go get him. Period.

I mean what are we really talking about? Niese? Let's face it, he's not a can't miss prosepect, he's projected probably as a #3 at best - in fact, we'd probably sign for him to be just that and be happy about it. F. Mart? He looked pretty overmatched this year, I know he's still young, but come on, he hasn't exactly lit it up in the minors either. Besides, you can always find an outfield bat. Ruben Tejada? 17 years old. 17! He's at least 3 years away from the big leagues and...well...he's only 17. Oh, and by the way, we do have Jose Reyes at short, one of the two really good players this franchise has produced in a generation. Parnell? I like him, he throws gas, and I do think he'll be a good major leaguer. In fact, he might be the toughest one for me to give up in the deal. He has the potential to be a good closer but, we already have one, a very good one actually. Look, I'm a huge fan of letting the kids come up and develop into good home-grown NY Mets, but it so rarely happens, and I'm so tired of losing, that I, like Dave, would do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Again, Omar has to pull the trigger on this deal. He cannot let this go. If Halladay ends up going to Philly, the backlash would be so harsh on this franchise, that I truly believe it will take a long time to recover. Plus, if we can't beat the Phillies now, and the last two season for the matter without Halladay, then how are we going to beat them with him? Tell me, just how are we going to get to the post season with Roy Halladay on the Phillies?

And I really hope this isn't about money. Delgado and Wagner come off the books after this year. That's $24 million right there. Halladay I believe is due to make $14 million in 2010. That gives them $10 million to work with. If they don't do this, I will lose all faith in the future of this organization. If they don't know enough about the game, and the business for that matter, to get Roy Halladay when he's right there in front of you, then I don't know that they'll ever get anything. Memo to the Wilpons: Halladay is not Victor Zambrano.

Let's hope the movement becomes so big on this deal, much like the Mike Piazza trade in '98. We cannot let this die down. Blogs, the media, Boomer & Carton, even Francessa have to get on the horn and force the Wilpons' hand on this. Please make this happen!

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dave said...

i was so infuriated when i saw heard about this i didn't even realize you already posted on it. your arguments are spot on.

this will be another chapter in the inability of this organization to know a good thing when it smacks them in the face.