Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Mets Have to Get Roy Halladay

I'm telling you right now the Mets have to get this done. They HAVE TO.

Via, according to Jon Heyman of "a deal for Blue Jays RHP Roy Halladay will certainly cost some combination of Holt, Mejia, Davis or Martinez, and so a deal with the Mets is not likely to happen." That's just ludicrous. Plain vile, egregious thinking.

If Roy Halladay is seriously available the Mets need to let go of their coveted prospects and go get the second best pitcher in baseball. Can you imagine a Halladay/Santana tandem? I just got chills.

I hear the argument about his age, and how the Mets always give up on prospects to soon. Understood, but this isn't a chance the Mets are taking. This is a lock it up, guaranteed win.

Look at all the prospects we gave up for Santana. So far looks like we're on the winning end of that one. FMart may turn out to be a great player. Same can be said for Flores. But then again they might not. Halladay is already a great player and will be for the next several years.

The Mets are a franchise that has proven success when they have a stellar starting pitching tandem. Koosman & Seaver. Gooden & Darling. Leiter & Hampton/Reed. This is a franchise (not to mention a ballpark) that is built and succeeds with pitching.

The alternative? The Phillies sign Halladay. That's what is going to happen if the Mets don't get on the phone right now and make this happen.

Santana/Halladay for the next 5 years will give you 30+ wins a season, rest your bullpen and give you 18 innings of quality pitching when you throw in the fact that KRod/Putz are there for the 8th & 9th.

This has to be done. FMart, Murphy, Evans, Flores, Holt, or whoever they want (how 'bout Castillo?). Omar Minaya better be on the phone with the Blue Jays right now. If Halladay is a Phillie this year, we'll be hating ourselves for the next half a decade.

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