Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mets Trade Rumor For Roy Halladay Is Bogus

All my angst and ajida is now subsiding. It appears that the rumor about the Mets turning down a trade for Roy Hallady is most likely bogus.

Via Keith Law's Twitter feed, he posts: "Mets-Jays trade report (Jays offered Doc for Martinez, Tejada, Niese, Parnell) is bogus. Shot down by multiple sources."

(Thanks to Brad of Bugs & Cranks for pointing me in this direction and saving me from self-mutilation.)

I know I'm not exactly Bob Woodward with my journalistic sources, but this sounds about right. I'm hopeful the true story will come out in due time, but this deal was too good to be to true. It's hard to imagine why the Mets wouldn't jump on a deal like this for Roy Halladay, but then again the Mets have done dumber things.

So I will calm myself down and hopefully this stirs the pot in the Mets front office about their need to get Roy Halladay.

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