Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mets Will Be Below .500 At the All Star Break

Unless the Mets go 5-1 against the Dodgers and Reds this week, the Mets will find themselves in an unlikely place: under .500 at the All Star Break.

Few teams that are under .500 at the break, find themselves in playoff contention at the end of September. The scarier thought is that the Mets could be worse than just under .500, but more like 8 games back if they don't win one of the next two series.

The crazy part is just when you think the Mets can't spiral down any further or can't get any worse, they do. It seems like all the injured players are now not expect to return until it's almost September. The top prospects we once had dreams of are looking more like nightmares. Talk of breaking up "the core" has started earlier than expected.

All this still begs the question, what else is going to happen this year?

The answer is uncertain, but the most likely choice is "nothing good."

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