Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Fall of Omar

Nice knowing ya Omar, but your days are numbered.

I won't rehash the event that took place yesterday, but it should be the signal that the final act of Omar Minaya's Mets career is coming to a close.

Possibly the worst press conference speaker since George W. Bush, Omar Minaya, found a new low yesterday and has now lost all favor with the Mets faithful. This is a guy, who my fellow blogger, Bryan, once personally thanked for bringing the Mets back to relevancy. This is a guy, who was able to make magical trades that no one thought could be done. This was a guy that made us forget about Steve Phillips and Jim Duquette.

Now all we want to do is forget about Omar.

Brad Bortone over at Bugs and Cranks does a more eloquent and in depth job of taking Omar to task for yesterday's events so you should definitely check out his post.

Thankfully Fernando Tatis swooped in to save the day last night, otherwise a Mets loss would have only added gasoline to this already out of control fire.

We'll have to see if the now "lame duck" Omar Minaya is able to make some moves to help this team before the trading deadline. Although right now, I'm not sure anybody in baseball wants to associate with him.

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