Monday, August 3, 2009

Mets Fans, Prepare for More Bad News

Just when you started getting back into baseball, the Mets drop 3 out of their last 4 games to make you wonder why you ever got excited about the Wild Card.

After a heroic and improbable victory on Saturday night behind Angel Pagan's 8th inning grand slam, Mike Pelfrey waltzed out on the mound and proved why the Mets should stop worrying about trading prospects for proven big league talent.

Okay, I'm being harsh. Pelfrey is still young and can improve, but there's a hint of truth in my previous statement.

The Mets are proving to us that this is not the year, so please let go of any Wild Card aspirations and prepare for more bad news. You know all those reports about Reyes, Beltran & Delgado coming back? Yup, they're all public relations stunts.

They're not coming back this season.

Now that the Mets are pretty much out of it and will continue to head into a downward spiral, the reports of our beloved All Stars playing this year will slowly fade away. The Mets PR machine has already started. The focus is on Wagner and Putz coming back in 3 weeks.

Wow, three weeks? Won't it be Christmas by then?

There's no reason to rush Beltran, Reyes or Delgado back at this point. If the season is over, no need to have these guys come back just to reinjure themselves. The only one of the three that I'd like to see come back in the near future is Delgado because he's gone next year and he may be able to clear waivers so the Mets could trade him for some prospects.

I have zero confidence the Mets will beat Dan Haren tonight and the Cardinals are going to come into town and sweep a 2-game series before we head to the West Coast. If there's anything the Mets have taught us the last two seasons it's that the Mets can't beat low level teams after the All Star break so don't get your hopes up about a road trip to San Diego and Arizona.

Face it folks. No Beltran. No Reyes. No Delgado. No Wild Card.

See you Omar. Nice knowing ya.

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