Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Reasonable Phillies' Fan Misses the Rivalry

When Matt Seeker commented on one of my posts today, I saw that he linked to his Phillies' blog and rolled my eyes as I clicked the link. But to my surprise, Matt's Phillyosophy is a blog written by a reasonable Phillies fan.

Matt's post today about the Great Misfortune is an insightful take from the folks down 95 about the current plight of the Mets. Matt takes the position that he's sorry to see this happen to the Mets because there's no joy in beating this current Mets club. There's no competition that made the past two seasons of matchups so exciting.

I'm with you Matt. I think the Mets/Phillies rivalry is really the first rivalry the Mets (or even the Phillies) have had in recent memory. Sure the Braves were the Mets hated nemesis, but it wasn't a rivalry of heated battles or back and forth jockeying for first place.

That's what I'm missing this year. The competition. The rivalry.

At least one Phillies fan feels the same way.

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