Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trying to Fix the Mets for 2010

There's more than a month of season left, but I'm already looking for hope in 2010. However, there is work that can be done in 2009 to set the stage for a better shot at returning to prominence in the years ahead.

I don't have all the answers and it's unlikely all of these elements will fall into place, but if even half of these suggestions come to fruition I think the Mets will be better off in 2010 because of it.

In my opinion, here's what the Mets need to do:

  • Get a new training staff - Come on. No brainer.
  • Trade Sheffield, Delgado, and Wagner before the 2009 season is out - Obviously the key to this is that Delgado & Wagner come back off the DL, but even if they can get some low level prospects for them the Mets have to try and get something for them before they just let them go to free agency. I'm not for keeping Sheffield in 2010. Two words: Moises Alou. I've learned my lesson.
  • Try and deal J.J. Putz in the offseason for a first baseman - I don't believe Daniel Murphy is the long term solution for the Mets at 1B. I think Putz is worth something to a lot of teams out there. The money will be the issue for many of them, but even if the Mets have to pay a portion of Putz's salary and can in turn get a major league ready 1B, I think it would be well worth it. If the Mets have to package Murphy or a Sullivan to make it work, so be it.
  • Go after one of two Roys - That would be Roy Halladay or Roy Oswalt. Halladay is the prize catch, but I think Oswalt in a new situation might be just as worthwhile. The Mets obviously need a #2 starter to follow Santana. The best option is Halladay and I'm willing to trade Parnell or FMart and others to get him for the next 4 years. If Oswalt can be had for cheaper than what's being asked for Halladay, that might be the best fit. But at some point in the next four months the Mets need to cover for the mistake they made with Oliver Perez last season.
  • Fire Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel - I really like Jerry Manuel. I think he's been unlucky with all that has happened, but I think the Mets need to cleanse themselves and start fresh. The past two Septembers and this year's debacle is the writing on the wall that the Mets need to go in a new direction and the simple way to do that is with a new manager and a new vision in the front office. You want to go get LaRussa, bring back Bobby V, or whomever, the end result is that a change is needed.
  • Focus on pitching and fundamentals- Unless you sign a big bopper like a Prince Fielder or Adam Dunn, the Mets should build around sound minds and sound arms. We've seen how badly a team can be when they don't have fundamentally sound guys in the field and Citi Field is built for good pitching. This is who the Mets should be.

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