Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mets Are Made of Minor League Talent

Don't interpret this headline the wrong way. I'm not talking about how the current Mets team is made of guys who they've developed in their farm system. I'm referring to the depressing fact that much of their team are guys who have no business being in the major leagues.

Pat Misch is exhibit one. Why on earth he was brought in after Tim Redding pitched masterfully is still a mystery? Soft tossing Misch against those power Phillies' bats? It's a match made in heaven. Of course Misch came through, for the Phillies that is, giving up a leadoff walk to Victorino (cardinal sin #1) and throwing a down and in fastball to Utlet (cardinal sin #2) which he sent into Utley's porch over in right field.

But Misch is not alone in being a minor league talent playing for the Mets. There's Elmer Dessens, Wilson Valdez, and you could even throw in Anderson Hernandez. Before you start arguing on behalf of Anderson Hernandez just stop and think for a second. Ok, now you're with me.

It's amazing this team wins any game that the starting pitcher doesn't go 7 innings without giving up more than one run. I'm not one who longs for the drama and trauma of September 2007 & 2008, but this team has me longing for the days of meaningful baseball instead of mediocrity.

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