Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mets Reality Check

Time for a quick Mets reality check as a lot of folks have been talking to me about their thoughts on this pathetic team and their hopes for what's to come. Let's set the record straight.

Bobby Parnell is not your saving grace
It's only his third start, but let's not paint Parnell to be the Queens version of Joba Chamberlain. I do think Parnell should stay in the bullpen and develop into that future closer for the ball club, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I hope this doesn't ruin him for future seasons.

The 2009 seasons is over
In case you didn't notice, but I think we're all at that point now.

Mets management is moronic
Omar Minaya has done everything to get himself fired. He's made some dumb moves. He's said some stupid things. He's even started a public fight with a reporter. But this is the guy management is supporting. Now they could be lying about backing Minaya and Manuel, but that's even dumber. Just don't say anything. Why come out with this vote of confidence during the most dismal stretch of games we've seen in the last 3 seasons? Because management is moronic.

Jeff Franceour is a New York guy
Jeff Franceour has done everything right since coming to the Mets. He's played hard. He's produced. He's dealt with the media better than guys who were here for a decade. His demeanor in the clubhouse and the dugout are infectious. The guy belongs here and I think he deserves a shot to stick around.

Mets farm system can't develop talent
Develop is the key word here. Outside of Reyes and Wright can you name the last great talents to come out of the Mets farm system? Ok, how about mediocre talent that at least deserves to play in the big leagues every day? Even the lock-it-up, shooting star players like Milledge haven't turned out so well. I don't know what's wrong, but there's something awry here.

Training staff has got to go
You can't tell me that all these injuries doesn't reflect in some way the training staff on the Mets. If guys are popping hamstrings like Pringles, it's time to look into a new training staff. I think you'd switch mechanics if every car you brought in for a tune up ended up having something else go wrong with it, right?


Matt Seeker said...

I whole heatedly agree about Francoeur. He is exactly what the Mets need, a hustle guy to help change the culture there. But listen guys, this isn't fun for us either...


Unknown said...

Matt Seeker - you are a rare creature. you are a reasonable Phillies' fan who actually gets what a rivalry is all about.

I commend your post and hope the Mets can come back healthy to renew this rivalry.

I know I miss it.

Matt Seeker said...

Well, keep checking back for a reasonable perspective, I will do the same...and get healthy goddammit!