Monday, August 31, 2009

13 Ways to Stay Positive as a Mets Fan

And on the third day...the Mets win. This is bound to be our plight for the remainder of the baseball season. Lose two, win one, if we're lucky. It's difficult to even talk baseball as a Mets fan unless you're commiserating with other down on their luck Mets Lifers.

But you have to try and stay positive while you're waiting for your refill of Zoloft. Here are some ways:

  1. You're better off watching the Mets than watching any episode of Glee
  2. Any win is a little Festivus miracle
  3. Imagine that Bobby Parnell is the second coming of Bill Pulsipher
  4. Take joy in the fact that Luis Castillo is your 2009 Mets MVP
  5. In every Mets game there's a chance you'll get to see someone mortally wounded
  6. Last preseason football game is this weekend
  7. You could be Jeff Wilpon and be down like $700 million
  8. Every day is a day closer to ending the pain
  9. Find hope in the Phillies potentially losing in the Wild Card to the Rockies
  10. In every game there's a chance to witness an embarrassing play that hasn't been seen in the last 50 years
  11. Christmas is coming
  12. You wanted the Mets to get younger, so now you have your wish
  13. Only 30 more losses to get Bryce Harper


Brad said...

Brilliant...sorry I was late in seeing this.

dave said...

Thanks. You're forgiven...just this once.