Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Omar Minaya is a Lame Duck GM

I think Adam Rubin enjoyed writing this article a little more than he might of a month ago.

This morning Rubin wrote a story about how Omar Minaya may very well be phased out as Mets GM at the end of the season and be replace by numbers oriented assistant John Ricco.

Rubin cites the always popular "high ranking officials" as the source for the GM rumor, but anyone with any knowledge of this team could have told you these are Minaya's final days with the team.

I wonder if Minaya's blow up with Rubin was the final straw or if he would have survived had that media circus not taken place. Somehow I think Minaya would still be canned regardless of Rubingate, but I'm sure it didn't help his case any.

Omar Minaya joined the Mets with much fanfare and made some significant moves to help bring the team back into the spotlight. Honestly, Minaya has brought some significant talent to the Mets including Beltran, Pedro, KRod, and Santana. And he's gotten some decent players for very little including Maine, Feliciano, Pagan, & Franceour.

Minaya's problem has not been getting talent. His problem has been putting together a team. Minaya has picked up the right personnel on the field, but has failed to put together a unit that is balanced and does the little things well.

To me there isn't a long term strategy to the Mets and in my opinion that onus is on the GM. What are the Mets? Are they a power team? Are they going to play small ball? Are they pitching focused? What is the Mets brand? Right now, it's laughable and we can't stand for that.

Injuries have played a role in Minaya's ultimate demise, but there needs to be a shift in direction for this franchise. Back to back September disappointments and a dismal 2009 season are enough proof of that for me.

This team needs to be built around starting pitching and run production, much like the Angels. Citi Field is built for a team that can utilize speed, hitting to all fields, and solid pitching. Unless we can get Pujols, Adam Dunn and Prince Fielder the Mets can't be built for power in this park.

I'm not saying the Mets need to utterly demolish their core players. In fact, I'm still in favor of keeping Beltran, Wright & Reyes because I think those guys fit that mold, but there are some definite components missing.

Whether Minaya stays or Ricco becomes the replacement, all I ask is for a long term strategy for this team that can be built around contending year in and year out.

Mets Lifers need something to root for. If it's a new GM, so be it.

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