Monday, August 10, 2009

There is No Joy in the 2009 Mets

Many words can be used to describe the 2009 Mets, but "joy" is sure to be missing.

When you look at this team, simply look at their faces, you'll see no youthful happiness, no excitement in playing the game of baseball for a living. Instead you'll find the weight of disappointment, off field drama and the worrying that they might be the next met to hit the DL.

Jose Reyes is known for his energy. So was Pedro Martinez. But I would venture a guess that even those fellas would have a hard time finding joy in this season.

But it's not just the players. It's weighing on the fans as well. Even with the utter and total disappointment that were 2007 & 2008, there were some memorable moments. Off the top of my head, I can remember some great moments from last season like Delgado's 30 RBI day against the Yankees, David Wright's first walk-off home run, Santana's "gangsta" performance and his undefeated streak after the All Star break, Nick Evans breakout performance against the Rockies, Damion Easley's game winning home run in Arizona, winning the season series against the Yanks, beating the Phils in back-to-back comeback wins over July 4th weekend, etc.

Now there were some painful moments mixed in there too, but those highlights are at least bright spots you can reflect on. What bright spots are there in 2009? A 5 game win streak? Will that be the sole highlight of this season? Sheffield's 500th home run? Did you even remember that happened this season?

There hasn't been a joyful moment that we'll talk about for days or weeks. This may be the most forgettable Mets season of the decade, if not for the fact that we'll remember all the injuries.

From a pennant race standpoint, the 2009 season is over. All I ask from this Mets team is to give me something to remember in this final month and a half of games left, and don't make it yet another injury.

Give Mets Lifers a reason to cheer for this team, not just follow them.

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