Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remember August 18th of the 2009 Mets Season

I want you to remember August 18th, 2009. Why? Because it is likely the only bright spot and memorable game in the second half of the Mets season. I give Omir Santos' home run off of Baby Papplebon as the bright spot in the first half, but last night is the post All Star Game cake taker.

Of course, this is a meaningless win on a Tuesday night in a season where the Mets are going nowhere, but it's nice to have a relief from the losing and a surprise comeback.

The Mets were able to string together 10 hits in one inning which scored 8 of their 9 runs. The amazing this is it all came against Derek Lowe who just imploded and Bobby Cox refused to take him out.

As I was watching the game I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was one of the most unexpected comebacks. When Oliver Perez gets you down 4-0 before the 4th inning is over, you can pretty much back up your bags and leave the ballpark. But Sheffield was hitting the ball to the opposite field, Tatis was avoiding double plays and Santos found the gaps leading to one of the great one inning rallies the Mets have ever seen.

Everyone but Daniel Murphy got in on the action, including a surprise single from Oliver Perez. Of course I fully expect the Mets to get shutout tonight, but I'm going to enjoy these few fleeting moments.

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