Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I Have Learned from the 2009 Mets

  • No game is worth staying up past your bedtime to watch
  • Baseball fundamentals are more important than anyone gives them credit for
  • There's a reason why Angel Pagan hasn't ever been an everyday outfielder
  • Bench players rarely become contributors on a regular basis
  • Fernando Tatis is the perfect example that lightning never strikes in the same place twice
  • You can turn the Mets game off if they are down by more than 2 runs after the second inning
  • Tim Redding is a better mid-reliever than starting pitcher
  • Star players get big money for a reason
  • Livan Hernandez's better days are behind him
  • Bad baseball is more painful to watch than Judge Judy
  • Although I hate him, the Mets need a guy like Shane Victorino on their team
  • It's quite possible that Pedro Martinez would be the #2 starter on this team
  • Chances are we'll never see the John Maine who pitched the second to last game of the 2007 season ever again
  • David Wright desperately needs a wingman
  • Luis Castillo is better than I ever expected him to be this season
  • Both Omar & Jerry Manuel need to move on, just to change the scenery a bit
  • Daniel Murphy is not an everyday first baseman
  • Jeff Franceour should stay a Met
  • It's easy to be a Yankees fan
  • I remember why I lost a little love for baseball in the mid 90's
  • Brian Schneider is this century's Charlie O'Brian

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metgirl4ever said...

i watched the World Series of Poker last night, and then went to bed. i can't watch any more bad baseball. just too depressing.