Sunday, August 16, 2009

There is No Justice for the Mets

When you start to expect a storybook ending to any game this year, please remember this is 2009. This is the year of injustice for the Mets.

Absolutely nothing can go the Mets way this season. In a season where every star, every important player to the success of this team has found themselves injured, David Wright was the only bastion of hope for Mets fans.

And then yesterday, every Mets fans' heart skipped a beat when Wright was crushed in the helmet by a 95 mph fast ball. I literally gasped when it happened and stared blankly at the TV waiting for Wright to get up. How can this happen? Why is this happening?

Matt Cain had no intentions of hitting Wright, but he did commit the one unpardonable act a pitcher can do, hitting a batter in the head. Thankfully Wright seems to be okay and sustained a concussion but CT scans were negative according to a Mets spokesperson.

But after Wright exited, I found myself thinking that this would be just the spark the Mets needed to jump start this team. Then Santana folded giving up 3 runs in the 6th inning on back to back to back to back to back hits.

The worst part of Santana's outing is when he tried to provide some justice for Wright's beaning by throwing at Sandoval's back. Of course this is the 2009 Mets, so Santana missed him and on the next pitch Sandoval crushed a home run.

The Mets somehow rallied to tie the game and force extra innings and had every Mets Lifer hoping for some justice. But KRod threw the biggest meatball I have ever seen to Benjie Molina who slammed it into left field.

Game over.

So as the day came to a close it found Wright in the hospital, Santana with a loss, KRod with a blown save and justice still avoiding the 2009 Mets.

There are no breaks for this Mets team, unless it's a bone.

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