Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcoming Back David Wright

In a season where practically every Mets player has missed games due to injury, I personally have missed David Wright the most. I think the circumstances regarding his trip to the DL makes him a more compelling story, but I believe it has as much to do with the fact that David Wright is the leader of this team. And no team feels complete without their leader.

Questions have been made in seasons past about Wright's leadership skills and whether he is outspoken enough to be the leader of a New York team. The media likes to harp on the outward display of leadership skills, but anyone worth their salt knows that leadership is less about what you do when everyone's watching and more about how you act when no one is.

Wright has become the last man standing for the Mets during this pitiful trip to the depths of the NL East, but through it all Wright has been there answering questions, handling the media, and showing up to play every night with the same intensity as he did that first week in April.

While other players have been criticized for their lackadaisical play at times, including All Stars like Reyes and Beltran, have you ever found yourself saying that about Mr. Wright? Have you ever seen Wright take a play off or be less intense about striking out with runners on when the Mets are down by 6 runs or up by 1?

This year is the year Wright officially became a veteran. He had no say in the matter. He's been forced into the role of team spokesperson, on-field leader and big bat in the lineup without asking for it. But somehow I think he welcomes being tested. He's not one to back down.

While the Mets will plunge farther in the standings, I find hope in David Wright and that the trials he has experienced this year will pay dividends in future seasons because of his experiences in 2009.

Welcome back David Wright. Even with his dorky new helmet.

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