Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are You Still Watching the Mets?

Unfortunately I am. I'm a baseball junkie and there's just something about the Mets playing that I can't turn away from.

It's torturous. It's appalling. It's downright painful. But yet I watch.

Hence the name of this blog is Mets Lifer. It's both a badge and a sentence. Through suffering and joy, I'm there watching. Now I will admit that I do turn away from the game from time to time, but I'm still checking the score on my iTouch or Blackberry.

It's a serious addiction, I know. But the needle is in and I'm still wanting more.

That's potentially why I think this is the most painful season yet for the Mets. There was hope for good things to happen, but something inexplicable and unforeseeable has taken that chance away. Even with the collapses the past two years, there were meaningful games in September. There was baseball fever. A pennant race in Queens.

It was starting to become something I expected, but now question marks and disappointments are all on the horizon.

Thankfully football is here, both college & pro, to help feed my sports fix, but the absences of pennant race baseball is a void that cannot be filled.

And so I watch this lackluster lineup and pitiful pitching looking for some nugget of excitement or interest to give me hope for the future. Those moments are few and far between, but it doesn't take much when you're a Mets Lifer.

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Vegas Rich said...

We may have our disagreements throughout the year but the commonality of being a Mets Lifer can not be challenged. I have been one since 1962 and yes I'm still watching games hoping to pick out some good aspects of the game so I can look ahead to next year. I would like to see the return of Cora, Sullivan,A.Perez, and I would like to resign Degaldo, we need his bat. Make Murph the supersub for one year and sign Holliday and a decent # 2 for the rotation. I'm Ok to give up Pelfrey, Nieve, Stokes and others to get what we need. F-Mart needs to start in Left if we can't get a big bat. I'm very OK with F-Mart, Beltran and Francoeur in my outfield for the next 10 years.

Just get rid of Omar and his moron manager and I'll be fine.