Saturday, September 12, 2009

David Wright: Your Home Run King

The power drought has gone on too long, but for one day David Wright found enough juice to make Mets fans forget about the plight of the 2009 season.

David Wright hit...wait for it...2 home runs in one game. Yes folks, David Wright is now tied for the team lead in dingers at 10 thanks to his multi home run effort on Saturday.

But it's not the home run totals that make this such a great story, it's when they came. Wright's bombs came in the 7th when the Mets were down 5 and then the game winning shot came with 2 outs in the top of the 9th. While Brad Lidge was somewhere in Citizens Bank Park in the fetal position, Ryan Madsen was showing just how much he can be like Lidge giving up the game winning blast.

About a month ago, I remarked that Daniel Murphy's walk off double was one of the games to remember for 2009 as it would be the last highlight Mets fans would see for the rest of the season. September 12th has taken its place as it came in such dramatic fashion against a bitter opponent.

Despite all the jubilation of the Mets being able to score 10 runs in the last 3 innings, Mike Pelfrey continues to be pitiful. But today's game is not a time to dwell on the despair that has been the 2009 Mets. For one day, Mets fans could see the David Wright that they have missed and look forward to some hope in 2010 and of course NFL football tomorrow.

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