Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mets Get Jason Bay, Now What?

So it appears the Mets will sign Jason Bay to a four year deal. Only took Bay the entire winter to decide that money does mean more to him than happiness and sign with the Mets.

Omar Minaya is feeling pretty good right now. Angel Pagan? Not so much. Nice move Omar although I'd rather have Holliday, but Bay will be a solid bat in the middle of the lineup and fills the void the Mets have had for the last four seasons.

But now what? Is the Bay move enough to make the Mets brass feel good about 2010? I know I don't.

Pitching, pitching pitching. The starting rotation must be addressed before the winter is out. There's not many free agent pitchers that people would covet, but the Mets should exhaust every option out there from Zambrano to whomever to try and improve potentially the worst rotation in baseball outside of Johan Santana.

At least the Mets did something, but I hope no one has false hope that this is enough to field a competitive team in 2010.

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