Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Are the Mets Obsessed with Catchers?

Is it just me or is it becoming a habit that the Mets sign as many catchers as possible in the offseason?

The Mets currently have Josh Thole, Omir Santos, Chris Coste, Henry Blanco and are pursuing Bengie Molina like they're in desperate need of a prom date. Somewhere right now Robinson Cancel is crying and filling out an unemployment form.

We did the same thing last year. And the year before that the Mets had 4 catchers on their active lineup at multiple points during the season. I assume the Mets are thinking Thole will be in the minors next year which is probably a smart move, but that still leaves you with 3 potential starting catchers and a free agent who would jump them all in the depth chart.

Please Omar, tell me you have some deal in the works that requires a catcher to be traded for a top notch starting pitcher. Otherwise this looks like yet another chapter in the poor management class that is the New York Mets.

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