Friday, December 11, 2009

Simmer Down Now About Josh Thole

I'm in full agreement with the universal head scratching going on in Mets fandom right now at the seemingly ridiculous amount of catchers the Mets are taking. The way the Mets are feeding on catchers is like the green room in the tryouts for The Biggest Loser.

But the one thing I take issue with is the constant reference to the fact that the Mets have Josh Thole and therefore shouldn't get an upgrade at catcher.

May I remind you of a certain fellow by the name of Daniel Murphy? Remember he came up, much like Thole, hit well and played well in September and then every Mets fan and front office employee was crowning him the second coming of Pete Rose. Look where that got us.

Let's not anoint Josh Thole the next best catcher in the world quite yet. Yes, he played well in September in pretty much meaningless games. Sure he's doing ok in winter league ball. But if you think that Thole will be a contributor to the Mets next season on an everyday basis, you're kidding yourself.

Don't rush this kid. Let him spend another season in the minors and look at potentially calling him up if needed midseason/September. He might be the future catcher for this team, but Mets fans need to simmer down before we have another Murphy-esque disappointment on our hands.

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