Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mets Lifers Get Coal for Christmas

It appears the memory of the 2009 season will not soon be forgotten as the Mets continue to disappoint even when they're not playing baseball.

Holiday wishes of Roy Halladay, John Lackey or any improvement to our starting pitching have been squashed by the Grinch (a.k.a Omar Minaya) as dreams of catchers at every position danced in his head.

There will be no joy to the Mets world or rest for merry Mets gentlemen as the lack of direction, strategy or even common sense in the front office hinders the hope for good tidings of great joy.

2010, as it stands today, appears to be another rebuilding year for the Mets. Even if we sign a Jason Marquis or the highly coveted Joel Piniero, the Mets rotation will be no better than it was last season.

We may sign Jason Bay, We may even find a Festivus miracle in Matt Holliday. And pretty soon the herald will hark that the Mets have signed their 18th catcher in Bengie Molina. But all around us our rivals are improving and we seem to be fading like Frosty in that heated greenhouse.

So Merry Christmas Mets fans, but the thought of a happy new year is fading fast.

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Jay said...

What else is new. The Wilpons are making errors again. They do they're usual blunders of being unsure and clueless of spending. I don't call the the Coupons. I call them the Bloopons. Because when they have to pay top dollar for the top player they need they hesitate and get scared to spend for the wrong reasons. Then after it is a million miles too late they suddenly react and reactioinary spend top dollar on the wrong player and it sets them back and then they get scared to spend again. This is why they are the Bloopons not the coupons.