Monday, July 23, 2012

Mets Are Right Where Sandy Alderson Wants Them

Free falling doesn't even begin to describe the current state of the Mets. Losers of 10 out of their last 11 and with back to back extra inning implosions by the illustrious BLOWpen have Mets fans feeling like they'll never see another win all season. Just 10 days ago the Mets were players in the pennant race and scrambling to see what moves the team could make to plug the holes in the current Mets rotation and lineup.

Sandy Alderson came out and firmly stated that the Mets would be buyers come the trade deadline. A move that was more for PR and ticket sales than anything else. Mr. Alderson wants nothing to do with buying at the trade deadline and the current slide has the Mets just where he wants them.

You see Sandy Alderson is a strategist. He doesn't think 1 move or 2 moves ahead. He's thinking 20 moves ahead and right now his eyes are set on 2013. A pennant race this year would mess with the master plan he has set. If he has to spend money or deal prospects this year, it will screw with his plans for next year.

The need for bullpen help has been evident since April. The overly left-handed lineup was also a blaring flaw in the makeup of the team for the last two months. But Mr. Alderson has done nothing. Sure you could argue that there weren't deals to be made or the Mets don't have the right pieces to offer, but I don't believe that.

Brett Myers could have been had for a song and a dance. The Yanks pulled Ichiro (not that I want him) from Seattle. There are a ton of moves that could have been made to help salvage this season. But nothing was done because Mr. Alderson (and maybe the Wilpons) wanted to be certain that the Mets wouldn't fall apart before spending any cash or dealing away precious prospects.

So for now Mets fans must wallow in the filth that has become this season. No bullpen help is seemingly on the way and with 2 starters now down for the foreseeable future, no rotation help is on its way either.

The Mets are standing pat and riding the year out. If a move is made this week or next I will be shocked unless it's one of the selling variety.

Next year is becoming the Flushing mantra. Like someone with affinity for abuse, Mets fans have to keep coming back to see if anything will change.

A BLOWpen problem has only been looming over us for the last 5 years. No need to rush.

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