Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Mets Mid Year Review

In the business world you don't get letter grades, you get plunked into general categories of achievement. So instead of a Mets report card, here's my breakdown of the 2012 Mets as if they were up for their mid-year review. The categories are below expectations, meets expectations and exceeds expectations. We'll start with the underachievers.

Below Expectations

  • Jason Bay: This is saying something because I honestly had zero expectations for Bay this year and yet somehow he continues to disappoint. Booing him after he got a concussion may have been the low point for Mets fans this year, but we're sick of guys who play hard and don't really do anything. Last time I checked, playing hard and batting .200 still means you stink.
  • Mets catchers: Thole, Nickeas, etc. are all sub par. Thole is better at the plate than Nickeas, but that's not saying much. I still don't understand why teams don't try and steal a base every time someone gets on because it's apparent that Thole can't throw anyone out.
  • Justin Turner: He's had one great at bat this year, but otherwise he's only area of excellence is smashing whip cream into the faces of teammates.
  • Ike Davis: I had high hopes for Davis this year. I was thinking 30 HRs/100 RBI type of season. Even though he's turned it on a bit of late, the horrendous output in April, May and most of June left a huge gap in the Mets lineup. 
  • Daniel Murphy: I like Murphy. I want him to do well, but he's baffling at times. Surprisingly his defense isn't the issue. It's his inconsistency at the plate that's the question. You like Murphy because he can hit .300, but when he doesn't you wonder if you'd be better off with a different option. If he can't hit well, what does he really offer? 
Meets Expectations
  • The BLOWpen: Some people thought the Mets made improvements in the offseason to the perennial disappointment that has been the Mets bullpen. I wasn't one of them. The Mets bullpen boasts the highest bullpen ERA in the majors and continues to find ways to blow games. Business as usual.
  • Jon Niese: Sunday's debacle against the Cubs aside, Niese has become the pitcher we expected him to be. Not an All Star but a reliable left-handed option.
  • Andres Torres: Angel Pagan only shorter and older. Yup, that's Torres.
  • Lucas Duda: He's not impressive, but he's what we expected. Below average fielder who has some pop. You hope for more, but at least he's been more consistently productive than Ike Davis.
  • David Wright: You may think David Wright deserves to be in the exceeds expectations category, but I think Wright is showing us he's the player we all knew he was. He's in the top 5 in average and doubles. His fielding has been solid. He's in the top of the pack for MVP considerations at the midway point. That is what I expect from Wright year in and year out. All Star. MVP. Captain.
Exceeds Expectations
  • Ruben Tejada: Jose who? Tejada is beyond impressive. We always knew he'd be a great fielder, but his patience at the plate and how he's hitting for average is truly unexpected. In my wildest dreams I thought Tejada might hit .275, but he's batting well over .300 and is doing the little things like working counts and drawing walks that makes him so valuable at the top of the order. If he hadn't been hurt for a month, the Mets may have had a few more wins added to their total because of his defense and his offense.
  • R.A. Dickey & Johan Santana: Both of these guys have earned the right to be called the ace of the staff. Both are having years that we did not expect. Dickey's numbers are superior and has gotten him into the Cy Young discussion, but the fact that Santana has come back healthy and pitched consistently well is equally impressive. Plus throwing the first no-hitter in Mets history really helps.
  • Scott Hairston: This guy eats lefties for lunch, dinner and then a midnight snack. Hairston could lead the Mets in home runs while not playing every day. He's also decent in the field and makes you wonder if he should be playing more than Duda or Kirk. After Tejada, Hairston has been the biggest surprise of the first half for the Mets.
  • Mike Baxter: Don't forget about this guy. He's been out for a month, but Baxter was a pinch hitting machine for most of April and May. I think he hit a double every other at bat and of course made the great catch to save the Johan no-no. Since he's been out, the Mets have missed that extra reliable bat on the bench and an alternative option in the outfield.


Brad said...

I only disagree with Torres - what has he done to meet any expectations? Even Beltran raved about how we were gonna love this guy.

Murphy is about to explode. Just needs to stay in the lineup, lefties or no lefties.

Unknown said...

Torres is more of my personal expectations for him. I truly expected nothing and that's what we got. Marginal hitter. Decent fielder. Occasionally good speed.

I hope you're right about Murphy. I think he has weathered the slump and is ready to break out.