Friday, May 1, 2009

What's the Prediction for the Mets vs Phils Series? Pain.

To quote the eloquent and loquacious Clubber Langer from Rocky 3, I'm predicting "pain" this weekend in the Mets vs Phillies series.

The Mets are down in the dumps. From a mental and on field performance persepective, this team is pretty low. The manager is making questionable moves (questionable is an understatement). Fans are calling for the trading of David Wright (settle down there folks).And the lockdown bullpen that we thought we had is showing some chinks in the armor (please not again).

And here come the Phillies.

The Mets have played well against the Phillies in Philadelphia the last few years, but most times we were entering the series ready for battle or prepared to defend our perch at the top of the division.

Not so this time. This could be a slaughter of a series. No Santana. We don't get to face Hamels. Perez may have a nervous breakdown on national TV on Saturday. Fat Matt Stairs is guaranteed to hit a home run off us.

The only thing I can put confidence in is that Pedro Feliciano will be brought in to face Ryan Howard, and he will strike him out. It's the only guy Feliciano owns.

I hope I'm wrong. This team needs a lift. David Wright needs a "moment" to brake out of this funk and he'll have opportunity to do that at some point this weekend. But grab some Advil because pain may be coming.

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