Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back to the Fundamentals

The Mets need some extra batting practice, infield practice and an instructional workout on base running. The fundamentals are lacking on this team and it's losing ball games for the Mets.

The last week has seen a number of errors, base running blunders and a general lack of Little League level awareness of what to do in certain situations.

David Wright and Jose Reyes have been the main culprits with both having issues with their glove. In yesterday's 11th inning, Reyes started trotting out of the box instead of running hard thinking he had a home run. He would have been on 3rd base with no outs if he was running hard, but instead ended up on second and the Mets couldn't drive him in.

How many Mets players have been picked off or thrown out over the past week because they weren't thinking on the base paths? Off the top of my head I know Reyes, Santos, Tatis and Beltran have all been victims of this.

Errors happen. Mistakes happen. But now we're seeing a pattern form here. Get back to the fundamentals and we'll start seeing some smart, quality baseball out of this club. There are at least 2 losses this week that are the result of reckless plays that could have been avoided.

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