Monday, May 18, 2009

Carlos Delgado and the Hip Specialist

That's either the title of a baby boomer version of a Berenstain Bears book or the sad commentary that is the Mets situation at first base.

Any time "hip specialist" is used in a sentence that doesn't include the words "grandma" or "grandpa" you've got a world of trouble on your hands.

Let's get to the point: Carlos Delgado is done for the season.

Sure he might be back at some point, but for the majority of 2009 the Mets will have no Carlos Delado in the lineup. That's about 25 less home runs and 90+ fewer RBIs. Brad Bortone over at Bugs and Cranks put together a good post on all the people the Mets can't sign because of their indiscretions in the past and highlights the rif-raf that is obtainable on the trade/free agent market.

Talk radio will be bursting with commentary about who the Mets should trade and who the Mets should get to help at first base, but I think we can live without Delgado if (big if here) we can get another starting pitcher.

Forget about first base. Go get a #2 starter to support Johan Santana in this rotation. Do we have the pieces to do something like that? Maybe not, but that should be the focus instead of replacing Delgado.

If we've learned anything these last two seasons, it's that pitching is the key. We've improved our bullpen. We've got the #1 starter on the planet. We now need a few supporting pieces to pull it all together.

Names like Oswalt and Peavey will be jockeyed around come July, but who knows if they will be available or if we have the players to get them. But the point is that's the position we need help with.

Do we want Niese starting a game the final week of the season like last year? Do we trust Livan Hernandez to win key games against the Phillies or Braves?

A platoon at first base of Tatis/Reed/Murphy/Elmo is going to struggle some games and pull through for you in others. We survived when Alou was injured the last two seasons from on offensive standpoint, but it was the pitching that hurt us in the end.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Focus Omar. Focus. If I see Richie Sexson or Nick Johnson within 20 miles of Citi Field, I may pull a Jack Bauer and go rogue.


Brad said...

I still want Loney.

(Thanks for the linkage, guys)

dave said...

I could live with Loney. I still dream of getting Adrien Gonzalez tellin' me the Padres wouldn't want a package of Pagan, Perez and Sandy Alomar Sr. Come on!