Monday, May 25, 2009

Mets Did Better Than Expected

The Mets returned from a 5-5 road trip to face the Washington Nationals tonight.

The trip started out like a dream sequence, turned into a nightmare, and ended with a somewhat surprising ending. This 10 game road swing was to be a real test of this ball club and it turned out to be just that.

The Mets basically had their "C" team out there for all 10 games and managed to split the road trip and win some impressive games while also losing some winnable affairs.

Without Delgado, without Reyes and without basically any bench the Mets played with some heart in Boston, showed some offensive prowess in San Francisco and showed how weak their weakest link is in LA.

Overall I can't complain. Ramon Martinez is our starting shortstop. Daniel Murphy is playing first base. And Jeremy Reed has all of a sudden become a valuable bat in the lineup. We should have lost 6 or 7 games.

And so now the beloved Nationals come to town. The Mets can't overlook them and should be able to get some additional wins this week to buy some time before some moves can be made and some players can get back on their feet.

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