Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walks Are Like Kryptonite

Sean Green was visibly ticked. He should be. He just hit a batter and then walked the next two to force in the game winning run with the bases loaded.
That was the end of what should have been a tide turning game for the Mets. Oliver Perez imploded (surprise!). The Mets somehow fought back to take the lead (surprise #2!). But in typical Phillies' fashion they also fought back to tie it up with a home run from Ibanez off of Pedro Feliciano (no surprise there).

Mets pitchers walked 9 Phillies on Saturday afternoon, and ultimately that's what lost them the game.

Now the Mets batters don't get off that easy. Beltran's double play in the top of the 10th was brutal. Sheffield had a chance with the bases loaded and 2 out, but didn't deliver. Jose Reyes struck out seemingly every time up.

But even with all that, the Mets still scratched out 5 runs which should have been enough to win, but the walks ended up being the kryptonite that just paralyzed their ability to hold on for a win.

Hat tip to Ken Takahashi for a great outing in relief.

To leave on a positive note, the Mets had a chance to win after the first two innings looked like the game would be over early. Still a shot to win the series tomorrow with Maine on the mound.

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