Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stop This Insane Shortstop Trade Talk

The latest thing to hit NY sports talk radio is talk about the Mets need for a shortstop to fill in for Reyes.

Calm down folks, ok? Just settle down.

If Reyes is put on the 15-day DL, I agree that the Mets need a better option than Ramon Martinez at SS, but we don't need to go and trade JJ Putz or any one else to get a backup SS. If Reyes were injured for the season, that would be a different story. If he's out for 2-3 weeks, we don't need to overreact.

Instead of trading for a backup, the Mets should look to their youth to provide a stop gap. Bring back Argenis Reyes or Jonathan Malo to provide a defensive fill-in while Reyes is out.

What people are looking past is the fact that whoever the replacement for Reyes is, they will not be a force to reckoned with at the plate. You say DeRosa. You say Jamey Carroll. You say Jack Wilson. I say no thank you.

Let's keep our trading chips to fill the voids that we need to fill for the long term. Give me a defensive infielder who can buy us some time until Reyes gets back. And I'd rather see some young kids given a chance to shine and bat .220 than Ramon Martinez in there batting .220.

As long as Reyes does not have a career ending injury, let's not trade the farm for a backup.

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