Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rants from a Mets West Coast Road Trip

Four hours of sleep a couple night in a row. Feels like I have infants in the house again so be prepared for nonsensical ranting, starting now:
  • Ramon Martinez is the best shortstop replacement we have in our farm system? Man, we are bone dry.
  • The one facet of the team that is the weakest, our starting pitching, has turned out to be the strongest part of the team over the last week. Johan Santana gave up the most runs from a starter this week.
  • Livan Hernandez pitched better than I've seen him in a while. Too bad Putz had to be a putz.
  • Nothing good ever comes from walking the leadoff batter
  • Angel Pagan deserves a shot to play every day now that Murphy is at first. Otherwise he's should be traded.
  • Just give Daniel Murphy his gold glove right now. You know you want to. But what happened to his bat?
  • If I have to hear another person say "the Mets need to get Nick Johnson" I may just go postal. A team of injured players should go out and get the most fragile individual since Moises Alou. Real smart.
  • David Wright is looking very comfortable at the plate.
  • I guarantee Carlos Beltran will not get a hit off Tim Wakefield this weekend. 
  • When Orlando Hudson smiles I know he's secretly taunting me. Jerk.
  • Why was Jose Reyes playing last night? Makes no sense. Off day today. Back to the East coast. I don't get it. Now he's out for another few weeks. Who's running the show here?
  • All that shrubbery in the bullpen at Dodger stadium would really annoy me if was a reliever.
  • A 3-7 road trip is a real possibility.
  • Is Moises Alou still available? He'd fit right in with this team.
  • Why is Murphy left in to bat against a lefty with runners in scoring position when Sheffield and Tatis are available on the bench? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  • Did Jerry Manuel really expect Ramon Martinez to catch up with Jonathan Broxton's fastball? Come on. I don't care if John Maine had to play shortstop in the bottom of the 9th. You can't get there unless you get a hit.
Off day today. Headed down the shore for some Memorial Day relaxation and just so I don't have to listen to Mike Francesa.

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