Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Mets Most Mind Blowing Stat

Are you ready for this? It will blow your mind.

Johan Santana has an ERA of 0.78. (that's less than one run per 9 innings)
The Mets are 4-3 in Santana's 7 starts.

How on earth can you lose games where your starting pitcher is barely giving up a run per game? This is beyond ridiculous. It's ludicrous. It's egregious. It's abominable (yes, like the snowman).

If I'm Santana I either ask for a raise or demand a trade for somebody who will drive in a stinkin' run during my starts. Oh man this is so frustrating.

Santana should be 7-0. I don't want to hear the excuse that Santana goes up against the #1 starter on the other team. No other team's pitcher has been as lights out this year as Santana. No excuses, just results.

This should be a magical season for Johan Santana. Let's hope his own teammates don't ruin it for him.


Eli From Brooklyn said...

He's actually 4-2.

dave said...

Yes, Santana's record is 4-2, but the Mets as a team are 4-3 when he starts.