Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sheff, Wright and the Replacements

This is quite a mod squad we have playing baseball out in Flushing this week. No Reyes, no Beltran, no Church, no Schneider.

We still got Wright. And we got Sheffield. But then everyone else is pretty much a replacement. Who cares though as long as you keep winning?

There's nothing like a dose of the Washington Nationals to help an ailing team start to feel better. And it's just what the doctor ordered.

Sheffield continued to swing hit hot bat hitting another home run last night and driving in something like 21 RBIs over the course of the last two weeks. That's insane. Sheffield was a guy that I expected to finish the year with 10 home runs and 35 RBI. He's looked great at the plate, although I could do without his one handed catches in the outfield (use two hands!!!!).

Wright still is striking out more than I like, but his average and OBP tell me that I should quit complaining. How on earth is Wright hitting a shade under .350 with an OPS of .964 when he had such an abysmal April?

Hat tip goes to Livan Hernandez who's a guy I consistently said the Mets should avoid. He's turned out to be a vital asset this season and his rubber arm and Bugs Bunny curveball were just what the Mets needed to give their bullpen a much needed day off.

Santana goes tonight so expect a 1-0 game. Let's hope we have the 1.

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