Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Telling You for the Last Time! No Nick Johnson!

What is the last thing that a team with injury problems needs? Answer: Another player prone to injury (a.k.a. Nick Johnson)

Now Ken Rosenthal is spouting off about how the Mets are interested and need Nick Johnson. Ahem, no they don't.

Nick Johnson is on swing away from being on the DL. He's always on the DL. His middle name is Injured.

I know Omar likes to make moves to replace holes on the team, but Nick Johnson, though round enough to fill the hole, is not the right fit. I'm not arguing that he isn't a good hitter, because he is. I'm not arguing that he wouldn't be a good player at first base for the Mets, because he probably would do well. But at what cost?

I'm fine with Murphy at 1B for this season. Let's see if he's the first baseman of the future for the Mets and leave Pagan and Sheffield in the outfield on a platoon.

The loss of Alex Cora is actually a bigger hole to fill because the guy can play pretty much any position and gives you some versatility at the plate.

I'd rather the Mets go get another utility infielder with some experience who can backup 2B or SS and offer a kick from off the bench. Then save your prospects and your big deal makers for getting another starter to support Santana.

Let's no blow our minor leagues on Nick Johnson. Bring up FMart if Church goes on the DL. We don't need to go "all in" just quite yet. Let's see where the cards fall with what we have and make our big move for the pieces that are most important.

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