Friday, May 15, 2009

My Name is David Wright and I'm Deceptively Quick

David Wright is not exactly a speed demon. He's not a guy that you think of as a threat of hitting triples or stretching a single into a double. Sure he steals the occasional base, but he's not a feared baserunner.

Until last night.

Mr. Wright swiped four bases en route to a 7-4 Mets victory over the scrappy San Francisco Giants. Stealing two bases in a game is an achievment, but to steal four bases is a feat not often seen let alone by a guy not named Jose Reyes or Carl Crawford.

But David Wright's night was more than just a stolen base. He ended up driving in the winning run of the game on a single in the ninth after Carlos Beltran stole third. It's a game the Mets figuratively stole.

David Wright is quietly picking up his pace at the plate and is hitting .317 with an OBP just a shade under .400. Much of the attention in the lineup has been focused on Carlos Beltran's unearthly average that's near .400, but Wright is the key bat in the Mets lineup.

When David is on track, hitting the ball to the opposite field, drawing walks, and most importantly not striking out, the Mets are a better ballclub.

Great way to start a very tough 10 game road trip and turn a game that looked bad to begin with into a happy ending.

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bryan said...

let's hope last night was a turning point in the sason for wright. without delgado and a stupid jose reyes, this team is going to need every bit of wright's talent if they expect to win.