Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mets Slipping Towards Mediocrity

The Mets left their bats, their clutchness, their fundamentals and their winning ways in San Francisco. The team is on the verge of unravelling and with a trip to Boston looming over the weekend this train looks like it will keep on rolling.

The Mets overachieved this past week against the Giants. With Delgado and Reyes out of the lineup, the Mets were the train that could, scoring massive runs in bunches. Well that train has since rolled back down the hill.

A lot of times you can pinpoint the problems to a specific area of the team that is not performing. Might be the bullpen, might be hitting with runners in scoring position, etc. But at this point and time pretty much everything not named David Wright or Beltran's bat is causing problems.

I thought the travesty that was Monday night's game may have sparked something in this team. Church was obviously ashamed. Beltran spoke out with some terse tones for the first time in his career. It was the perfect opportunity to rally this team together.

Instead it may have spiraled them even further down. A win today will be nice, but won't mean much because a potential sweep by the Red Sox is a potential reality awaiting our Memorial Day weekend.

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