Monday, May 11, 2009

Mets Failed the Test

In my previous post I talked about how this first game against the Braves would be a test for the Mets coming off a 7 game win streak and their ace on the mound.

Well the Mets failed with flying colors.

Santana struggled early, but honestly folks, he pitched another game that was winnable. The Mets were baffled by Derek Lowe for most of the night, but the team was not going to win this game tonight. Errors, a roughed up bullpen and an inability to get anything going at the plate added up to a loss to the rival Braves who were without one Larry Jones.

I honestly think the Mets looked past this game. Santana was pitching and they thought it was a "lock" (thanks Craig Carton). But we shouldn't be surprised because that's how they've played for every Santana start. Lackluster offense with a sensational pitcher on the mound.

Still a 7 game win streak and winning 8 of the last 10 is still a great place to find yourself. However, a bounce back win would be great on Tuesday as the dreaded West Coast swing awaits the Mets at the end of the week.

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