Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mets Forfeit Game

They might as well have forfeited Saturday's showdown with the Marlins. I think if you watched the woman's softball World Series on ESPN you might have seen bigger names than what the Mets had out on the field.

Wilson Valdez got his first start since Clinton was in office. Ramon Martinez was playing out of position at 2B. No Wright. No Sheffield. No Reyes. Tatis was playing 3B.

Why even bother? Just forfeit the game and give everybody a day off.

The crazy part is in the bottom of the 9th I actually had a thought creep in my head that the Mets might be able to pull this out even though they were losing 7-3 with 2 outs.

But that was quickly crushed as FMart ended the game striking out on a really poor check swing call.

For a team that has ended the last two seasons by falling one game short of the playoffs, I hope this "forfeit" doesn't come back to haunt us.


bryan said...

good post. i couldn't believe when i saw that lineup yesterday. i also thought how happy i was not to have spent money to be at that game imagine the surprise those folks got when they sat in their seats and saw that that was the Mets team today?

dave said...

i would have been so ticked if i spent $200+ before i even sat in my seat only to find out i get wilson valdez and the "B" team.