Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just What the Mets Needed

Tuesday's game against the Braves had more drama than an episode of Law & Order, and it was all packed into the last 20 minutes.

Castillo makes a little league error. Then Delgado tops it by dropping the easiest fly ball you've ever seen. The Braves get the winning runs on base.

We've witnessed this all before. Actually, we've seen this unravel all too often, but this time it was different.

The Mets didn't lose.

The Mets got the tack on runs they needed. They saw some timely hitting with runners in scoring position. They saw some RBIs with 2 outs. They got a good pitching performance from their starting pitcher and the bullpen held on for the save.

In one game, the Mets did all the things they have failed to do for much of this season as well as the last two. This was far from playing the perfect game, but the Mets did enough to get the win in what has been the bain of their exisitence, Turner Field.

A sweep of the Braves, although it's only a 2 game series, is just what the Mets needed. Beltran continues to hit like Roy Hobbs. David Wright is starting to come around. The team appears to have a little more energy.

And it's just in time for a Santana start against the Phillies tomorrow.

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