Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mets Will Forfeit Final Series of Season

The New York Mets have an off day today. Getting swept by the Nationals takes a lot out of you, plus that 3 hour bus ride home is a real drain so rest up fellas.

But once the team arrives back in New York, the Mets will more than likely forfeit the final series of the season. There are several reasons for this. First so no one else gets injured. Second, the games are completely meaningless. Third, to save unsuspecting fans from having to pay $18 to park their car and watch putrid baseball. Fourth, to save themselves the embarrassment. Fifth, because this season just can't end fast enough.

What will be played in Queens this weekend is not baseball. It's disgrace.

Save us all from any more disappointment and suffering and just end the season today. Call up the entire Brooklyn Cyclones to play if the Astros really feel like going through the motions.

Bring on the off season where there's at least false hope of better things to come.

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