Friday, October 2, 2009

Fixing the Mets: Priorities

As I was ready to write another well thought out, stimulating post about fixing the Mets, I saw a little blip on my RSS feed. Turns out Brad Bortone over at Bugs and Cranks returned to the blogosphere after what sounds like a seriously frightening ordeal with a fever his daughter had (as a parent who has seen the thermometer hit 105 on his kids, there's nothing like it and Brad, I'm happy to hear all is back to normal).

Brad in his post addresses the need for the Mets to prioritize. A simple and elementary part of any business is knowing what tasks you need to put more focus on than others, and is ultimately a key indicator of your business's success. After reading Brad's post, I'm sure you'll agree that the Mets prioritization skills are seriously lacking.

In fact, I don't think they exist.

It is a great post that you should absolutely read if you want some sound, rational thinking about how to approach the Mets. (yes Brad, I called you sound & rational) I would however add one more item to his list of priorities: a better investment in their minor league system or player development.

It's baffling that a team like Florida can just churn out talented players from their farm systems or via trade that ultimately turn out to be solid contributors. Even Atlanta, during their 100 year reign in the NL East was able to still draft, develop and trade for guys like McCann, Franceour and this Hanson kid. Outside of Reyes & Wright who's the last major league contributor that stayed on the Mets? Strawberry? Does Greg Jeffries count?

But what all this ultimately leads to is a need for a change at the top of the organization. Nothing will be done if nothing is changed at the top.

Please check out Brad's post and chime in with your thoughts over at Bugs and Cranks. Even if the Mets heed to one of these suggestions, we'd be in a better place come next April.

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Brad said...

Sound and rational? I've been called worse...

Thanks guys!