Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baseball Playoffs Remind of the Mets

Playoff baseball is the pinnacle of the Major League season. The best of both leagues face off in a true test of baseball superiority.

But everywhere I turn during these playoffs I'm reminded of the Mets. How can this be you ask? Well let's see.

I've seen base running errors that prevent teams from scoring potential winning runs (Gardner). I've seen multiple infield errors that you don't even see from Little Leaguers (Angels). I've seen managers do nothing while their bullpens self-destruct (Torre). I've seen 2 out bottom of the ninth comebacks when a team is up by 2 or more runs (Rockies/Dodgers). I've seen ordinarily clutch hitters crumble under the spotlight of game deciding situations (everybody not named A-Rod, Jeter or on the Phillies).

I watch these games and can commiserate with the fans of the blundered teams that are out there. Sure they've made it to the big stage and can be considered at the top of the sport, but it seems they've made it this far only to fall.

At least the Mets provide humiliation and disgrace during the regular season when the entire world isn't watching. So instead we'll be forced to watch our nemesis (Phillies) and our other nemesis (Yankees) fight for the title of baseball champions.

A long winter lies ahead.


Unknown said...

Yeah but at least we got Ollie P and Luis Castillo to look forward to in 2010.

Simon DelMonte's Escape Hatch said...

As much as we all gave the Mets a hard time this year for their blunders, it's ever more clear that there is a rather broad and painful decrease in basic skills even on the good teams. There's no excuse for the Mets' blunders, but neither is there any excuse for any other team.

If you want to know why the Yankees are doing so well, look at how rarely they make this sort of error. While Girardi is, IMO, a fair manager at best, he at least gets his players to do the basics well (or maybe Jeter does for him).

Unknown said...

So true. Serious decline in fundamentals across baseball the last few seasons and yes Jeter is doing it for Girardi

Matt Seeker said...

Hell yeah, Jeter runs that team, no question.

My question to you guys is, in the likely event of a Phillies/Yankees World Series, who do you root for? I would love to get a Mets perspective on this....

Unknown said...

I'm actually working on a post to hit that very topic but I'm going to wait until we find out exactly who's in the series before i finish it.

however, i'm of the mindset that it's anybody but the phillies