Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movie Titles for the 2012 Mets

During yet another epic fail of a game and to prevent myself from pulling a Hulk smash on my television, I resorted to a juvenile distraction...Twitter. I started thinking about how you couldn't make a tear-jerker of a movie as bad as this season has been in July and August. So what would the title of this doomed Mets season be.

With the help of some other feeble minded Mets fans, here are some options for you that are plays off of existing movie titles and were tweaked to be appropriate for the 2012 Mets.

  1. BLOWpen Strikes Back
  2. Raiders of the Lost Season
  3. The Curse of the BLOWpen
  4. Strikeout Kings
  5. A No Hope
  6. The Loss Boys
  7. Death Angels in the Outfield
  8. Dumb and Dumberer
  9. BLOWn Away
  10. BLOW Out
  11. Come BLOW Your Horn
  12. Let the Win BLOW
  13. The Expendables
  14. The BLOWpen Legacy
  15. The BLOWpen Ultimatum
  16. The BLOWpen Supremacy
  17. Most leads are...Gone in 60 Seconds
  18. Scary Movie
  19. (30) Million Dollar Baby
  20. The Other Guys
  21. Legends of the Fail (my personal favorite)
  22. Five Runs is Not Enough
  23. Man Not on Fire (the Jason Bay story)
  24. Mets leads go...Up in Smoke
  25. The Lost World
  26. Losing and Other Drugs
  27. Superbad
  28. when will Jason Bay get his next hit?....28 Days Later or From Here to Eternity

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