Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Tatis? Why?

Last night's loss is one of those games that's just bound to happen in the course of a season.

Feliciano had been pitching very well of late, but has thrown in almost every game of the past week. He just didn't have his stuff and gave up a moon shot to Aubrey Huff that ultimately decided the game.

But in typical Mets fashion, there was one moment that just left me baffled. In the 7th inning last night with the bases loaded and 1 out, Jerry Manuel pinch hit Fernando Tatis for Fernando Martinez.

Normally I understand this move. Get the veteran in there instead of the rookie to come through in a pressure situation. Understood.

But Martinez was hitting the ball all over the place last night and hitting the ball hard. It's possibly the best I've seen Martinez at the plate all year. So why pinch hit for him in the 7th inning?

Martinez is also the one guy in the lineup who would be most difficult to double up. The kid flies. And late in a game why would you want Tatis in the outfield when Martinez is the much better defensive player?

It just doesn't add up.

Add that to the fact that the pitcher just walked in a run, Tatis gets thrown two straight balls and then swings on 2-0 grounding into a tailor made double play.

Tatis has been just retched of late. Martinez may have popped out, but he wouldn't have been doubled up. That brings Beltran up and could have been a much bigger inning.

That move just doesn't make sense, but things rarely do with the Mets.

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bryan said...

you are so right about this guy. enough already. he has become this year's version of mota ('07) or heilman ('08). meaning, recognize when players are not producing and don't put them out there.

and let the kid hit! tatis is not a part of your future. let's see what fmart can do in a big spot.

murphy's AB really ticked me off.
3-1 count, man on first no outs down by two and you pop up?