Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Mets Dream Team is Done

The dream is over, and reality has just smacked the Mets like they were talking about his momma.

The Dream Team of super subs, has beens and wanna be's has come to an end. Thinking that this team of misfits could handle this unfortunate string of injuries by continuing to win series after series was simply just a dream.

The last two days have been a serious reality check. No Beltran, Reyes, Delgado, Cora or Church has finally begun to show. You can't win 17 of 20 games with Wilson Valdez and Ramon Martinez batting 6th & 7th in your order. Or having a rookie playing his first week in the majors batting #2.

The Mets should have won game 1 against the Pirates, but game 2 was proof that this team needs some help from the infirmary. They couldn't put together any run support for Santana (again). No big innings. The game lasted barely 2 hours because everyone was swinging on the first pitch or hitting into double plays.

Think about this: Jeremy Reed was the best hitter in the lineup yesterday. Jeremy Reed.

Wright is struggling. Sheffield looks like he needs a wheelchair. We need Carlos "I Think I Have Swine Flu" Beltran to come back and add another bat. We need Reyes to get an inning started and steal some bases.

We need help. Or maybe it's just we need health?

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bryan said...

well stated. and david wright is not the david wright we came to know and love. what is with him?