Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Mets Weekend to Forget?

The bad news? Johan Santana had his worst outing of the season. Possibly worst outing ever.

The good news? It's done. You can expect nothing worse from Santana for another 365 days.

But was this the worst Mets weekend of the season? Possibly, but in actuality all it resulted in was a loss of one game in the standings.

That's it. All the drama, all the pain, all the sufferring and all the Mets ended up with after this dreadful weekend was losing one game in the standings (thank you Boston Red Sox).

The Mets should have taken the first game against the Yanks. The Mets should have won the last two games against the Phillies too. Should, should, should.

But here we are. 4 games back. Playing with starters who wouldn't even start for the Washington Nationals. Ok, maybe they would start for the Nationals.

Is this the ideal position to be in? Absolutely not. Am I pleased this is where we find ourselves? Not a bit. Could it be ten times worse? For sure.

I find I need to remind myself from time to time that we have no Delgado, no Reyes, no Perez, no Putz, and no Maine. This is not half a team, it's a quarter of a team.

The Mets just need to tread water until either a deal is made or we can get some resemblance of our starting roster put back together.

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