Thursday, June 4, 2009

The New Man Named Darryl Strawberry

In elementary school there was no bigger Darryl Strawberry fan than yours truly. His life size poster hung on my bedroom door. His jersey had a special place in my closet. I had mastered imitating his swing so I could impress my friends in our daily games of wiffle ball.

His talent, his swagger, his name. Practically everything about him drew me to this larger than life sports figure, not to mention he was on my favorite team.

And then it hit me. This guy was messed up. I tried to deny it. I tried to understand how a guy so talented and all-round awesome at the game of baseball could find himself in such a damaging lifestyle. But I was a kid and couldn't quite comprehend just how in trouble Darryl Strawberry really was.

Then he was traded. Killed me. Darryl? A Dodger? Then it got worse. Darryl? A Yankee? That feeling was worse than any break up could have ever felt, but unbelievably things could get worse.

Darryl Strawberry was in jail.

Thankfully Darryl Strawberry's life and story doesn't end there. After countless indiscretions and monumentally bad decisions, Darryl Strawberry is finally back on the right track. It's a travesty that man of his talent, and Doc Gooden's for that matter, could throw it all away. Two Mets hall of famers could be anticipating an induction in the coming years.

But life isn't about getting into the hall of fame. Strawberry has learned from his mistakes and his very candid book talks about the paths he chose and how he has found his way out of the destruction he so long lingered in.

Here's a video I was sent from RootZoo where Darryl Strawberry talks about his book, steroids, Pete Rose and pretty much anything else. For Strawberry his life is an open book and no Mets fan is happier to see him back from the proverbial dead than this Mets Lifer.

Good to see you found your way back, Straw. Enjoy the video.

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