Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mets Fans, Let's Remember When...

The calendar has turned to July. Be gone June. A 9-18 record in June has found the Mets below .500, riddled with injuries and looking more like the Bad News Bears than a big league club.

It's times like these that make reflecting back on the good ol' days so much more painful enjoyable. Do you remember when...

-Daniel Murphy was our every day left fielder?
-We had a lockdown 8th and 9th inning?
-Reyes used to get on base and score without the Mets getting a hit?
-Omar Minaya talked about defense being so important?
-Gary Sheffield wasn't on the Mets?
-The thought of walking a pitcher was laughable?
-The thought of Johan Santana walking a pitcher was ludicrous?
-Fernando Tatis was decent?
-Ryan Church batted 6th in the order?
-Angel Pagan was alive?
-Signing Oliver Perez was the "smarter choice" than signing Derek Lowe?
-John Maine was looked at as our #2 starter?
-Carlos Delgado played first base?
-You wanted Fernando Martinez to play because he had the potential for greatness?
-Alex Cora was just a backup?
-We used to win series?
-You thought this year was when the Mets were going to make the playoffs?

July is a welcome sight. It can't get any worse than June...right?

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