Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Mets Injuries Please!

JJ Putz is headed back to New York and has been quoted as saying he may need to have surgery on the bone spur in his elbow sooner rather than later.

It's not like we can't live without Putz, especially the way he's been pitching lately, but that makes two major signings this offseason are headed to the DL either permanently or for an extended period of time.

Bobby Parnell may be feeling a bit heavier when he wakes up tomorrow as a huge burden known as the 8th inning solely rests on his shoulders.

This MASH unit known as the New York Mets needs to sign a better team doctor, a physical therapist, and a power bat for the outfield.

Get ready for the trade rumors folks. Matt Holliday, Carlos Lee, Ramon Martinez, Adrian Gonzalez and Jason Bay are sure to be mentioned in the next 72 hours.

Getting swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates is enough to make anyone rethink their team's talent, but Omar needs to make sure any move he makes is for the long term. Learn from the idiocy of Steve Phillips and Jim Duquette.

At least Beltran is back. Reyes is hopeful for next week. And we care?

Break out the Advil and keep some ace bandages handy. The next week could be a bumpy ride.

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